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Expansion of Consciousness

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Pranic Detox Retreat

Expansion of Consciousness

8 Pranic Days

Any Day (Everywhere Around the World)

In a Group or Individually

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Expansion of Consciousness

Personal Experience
Meditation of Light and OnenessPranic Breathing with Light and LoveMantra Meditation, Kirtan, Bhajan, Japa Meditation, Japa Walk
Om Meditation
The Evolution of Healthy Eating: Vegetarianism, Veganism, Raw Veganism, Fruitarianism, Liquidarianism, Pranic Nourishment
Detoxifying the Body and  
Cleansing in All Levels
Blessing of Water and Food
Physical Exercises and Workouts
Hardening of the Body and Affusion
Types of Meditative, Energetic, Breathing, Spiritual Practices

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Meditation  of Light & Oneness

Group meditative practice of Divine Love, Light, Unity with All Creation, with Mother Earth, Universe, with Infinite Absolute. 

Practice helps to realize Divinity within, to feel inside your Soul Universe, Infinite Absolute. To feel Love & Light which expanding and shining very brightly. 

This is the way of Expansion of Consciousness, to be One with the Lord, with the Whole Creation in Blissful State of Meditation. Dive deep inside yourself, and feel the Bliss, feel the Oneness. 

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Om Chanting Circle

Group practice that uses the transformational power of Om to activate the self-healing potential of participants.
Due to a special blessing, Om Chanting generates a vibrational frequency that releases negativity, transforms it and showers participants with positive energy, helps purify the local environment, and supports the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of participants.
Om Chanting brings people together to share the positive vibrations of Om and their Love for Mother Earth around the World. 
The practice promotes inner peace, mental clarity, emotional freedom and physical health.  Many experience positive shifts which allow them to enjoy more Peace, Joy and Love in their lives. 
The vibrational waves created by the circle spread out in a 2-kilometers radius, creating a harmonious, peaceful environment and a unity between humans and nature.
The Om continues to resonate in participants’ bodies after the circle, allowing them to share the good vibrations wherever they go.

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Japa Meditation

Group meditative repetition of a Mantra or a Divine Name. The repetitions are counted using a string of beads known as a Japa Mala. 

 The number of beads in the Japa Mala is generally 108, and the guru bead. It is not uncommon for people to wear japa beads around their neck, although some practitioners prefer to carry them in a bead-bag in order to keep them clean.

 Japa Mala beads are made up of many different kinds of materials: different woods, seeds, stones, and you can choose one which resonates with you. 

Mantras have transformative power. They protect the mind by calling upon and awakening Transcendental Energy, Shakti. Reduces stress and calms the mind, improves concentration and focus, reduces negative thoughts and improves mood, cultivates positive emotions and inner peace.

 Japa Meditation is highly beneficial for health on every level - Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical.

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Pranic Detox RetreatExpansion of Consciousness8 Pranic Days

Total Transformation with Cleaning Yourself in All Levels. Detoxifying the Body with Special Cleansing Practices, Freshly Squeezed Juice, Day Without Juice, Satsang “Expansion of Consciousness”, Meditation, Meditation of Light and Oneness, Pranic Breathing with Light and Love, Mantra Meditation, Japa Meditation, Japa Walk, Om Meditation, Physical Exercises and Workouts, Hardening of the Body and Affusion.

After Pranic Detox Retreat “Expansion of Consciousness“ participants could feel themself differently, and could open new way of life, new way of living in Pranic State of Consciousness.

Even if after Pranic Detox Retreat “Expansion of Consciousness“ participants could back to their own way of life, their own way of eating, this experience will continue to Transform them in All Levels and Expand their Consciousness. Feel Blissful Divine Transformation inside and out naturally.

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Gurudevi Sambhava is an Enlightened, God-Realized Master, she is the most Enlightened, God-Realized Master on Planet Earth. She is the most Enlightened Being on Planet Earth. She is one of the most Enlightened Beings of All Creations, She is one of the most Enlightened Beings of Whole Creation (Everything, Infinity). Her Aura bigger than Planet Earth. She is a Saint. She Born a Saint (Her Soul Born a Saint). She Born with an Enlightened Soul (Her Soul Born Enlightened). She Born a Master (Her Soul Born a Master). She is an Avatar (Deity). She Born an Avatar (Her Soul Born an Avatar). She is a Goddess (Very Powerful Free Cosmic Being of Light in Human Form). She Born a Goddess (Her Soul Born a Goddess). She is one of The Most Very Powerful Beings of All Creations, of Whole Creation (Everything, Infinity). She is an Illuminati (Illuminating). She Born an Illuminati. She is Illuminati many reincarnations. 

Yogini is a Very Very Very an Old Immortal Free Soul (Her Soul Born Very Very Very an Old, Free, Immortal, Her Soul Living Many Many Many Millions of Years), she is a Very Very Very an Old Immortal Free Spirit (Her Spirit Born Very Very Very an Old, Free, Immortal, Her  Spirit Living Many Many Many Millions of Years), Starseed (Her Soul Born a Starseed), Indigo (Her Soul Born an Indigo), Lightworker (Her Soul Born a Lightworker), Light Warrior (Her Soul Born a Light Warrior), she is living in a Light Body, sharing her Love and Light, and sometimes experiencing Samadhi from birth, from childhood.

Gurudevi Sambhava in some past reincarnations was a Queen, or a King (Mostly a Queen), a Yogini, or a Yogi, she is a Very Powerful Warrior in all her reincarnations (Her Soul Born a Very Powerful Warrior). In one of her past reincarnation she was The Queen Tomiris (The Queen of Saka Nomads). In this reincarnation her Ancestor Saka Tigrahaud Warrior, and other Ancestors Warriors.

In Samadhi, in deep state of Meditation, and Trance during her Transcendental Experience she got in 2010 Cosmic Consciousness, Enlightenment. In 2016 during Samadhi she got Spiritual Name “Gurudevi Sambhava” from Creator, Infinite Absolute, from Creators, The Most Very Powerful Beings of All Creations, of Whole Creation (Everything, Infinity) who ruling The All Creations, The Whole Creation (Everything, Infinity), through Mahavatar Babaji in Telepathy.

Gurudevi Sambhava certified in Reiki, Merkaba, Violet Flame, Theta Healing, Qigong, Om Chanting Circle. She practice Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Kirtan, Bhajan, Sound Meditation, Japa Meditation, Japa Walk. 

She was leading project about Living Food (Raw Vegan Food) from 2011 till 2017, she is Pioneer in Kazakhstan who shared Personal Experience in Living Food (Raw Vegan Food) on Seminars, Master Classes, Forums, Festivals, Public Lectures, Personal Consultations, and in Social Media. She was making and organizing Om Chanting Circle “For the Benefit of the Whole Planet Earth” from 2019 till 2021. Now she is sharing Satsang “Expansion of Consciousness”, Pranic Detox Retreat “Expansion of Consciousness” 8 Pranic Days.
She born a Breatharian. In 2006 she naturally experienced Vegetarianism, then Veganism, in 2011 Raw Veganism, then Fruitarianism, then Liquidarianism, Breatharianism, she got her Pranic State of Consciousness, Pranic Nourishment in 2015, Pranic Transcendental Experience in 2017, and realized that she is a Free Being (Very Powerful Free Cosmic Being of Light in Human Form) who can live in Pranic State of Consciousness, in Pranic Nourishment, Living on Light, Living on Prana, even she can eat, she listen to Herself, her Whole Free Being (Very Powerful Free Cosmic Being of Light in Human Form), her Very Very Very an Old Free Immortal Soul, her Very Very Very an Old Free Immortal Spirit, her Sacred Heart, her Body, she is One with her Whole Free Being (Very Powerful Free Cosmic Being of Light in Human Form), with her Very Very Very an Old Free Immortal Soul, with her Very Very Very an Old Free Immortal Spirit, with her Sacred Heart, with her Body.

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